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Chickmark the new unique identification marker

Invisible to the naked eye which can only be seen under ultra violate light. Apply directly on to skin or feather with out affecting plumage. Will not stain newly erupting feather quills. The only non toxic, non solvent based, especially designed for temporary identification of livestock that will last upto 6weeks, without re-marking.
Every breeding season you find yourself having to foster chicks out to other nests for adoption. Identifying fostered chicks are vital for your parentage pedigrees. Use Chickmark for positive identification without any colour migration to other chicks in the nest. Safe to use on all birds and mammals. Will not diminish in direct sunlight. You can apply Chickmark to the all body parts. Upper body is the best for easy identification with in nest or box. Also upper beak or legs and feather down.

Problems in development

We decided to have our own product developed with strict development guidelines.

The main criteria was a marker product that was not solvent based. Generally available ink products are permanent or long term semi permanent markers, Long term visibility was our biggest problem. When these products were applied to livestock, which matured to adulthood, they showed visual dye markings very unsightly, spoiling the chance of potential exhibition fulfilment. If applied directly to the skin, most of the solvent based products available will modify and remove natural skin fats. If tested had the potential to cause dermatitis, reddening, irritation of the skin and unknown carcinogenic properties.

The downside marker products produced to these guidelines are excessively expensive too produce, with out solvents as the base material, it is very difficult for the marker to etch into the host, around the destination point, Chickmark has overcame this problem to a satisfactory extent, but found heat to be a contributory factor in having to re-apply Chickmark.

anti allergenic compounds are sensitive to heat, their for susceptible to high temperatures which may result in having to re-apply the Chickmark directly to the fledglings skin sooner than normally expected, when applied directly on to feather or down high temperatures will not affect Chickmark, no need to constantly re-apply,
Case study showed, at very high temperatures hypothetically speaking 100 + degrees, in your breeding room with a nest full of new born chicks, lets say a clutch of 4 in the nest, within the core of the nest the temperature would be far in excess of that figure, at this point you would be expected to check the identifier marker with the Ultra violate light every day, and re-apply Chickmark every couple of days if needed.

Once you have purchased your kit containing 3 marker pens and UV Lamp you can re-order just the identification markers,F2.95P each inc VAT F1.40 Post & packing

A kit containing 3 marker eASYTOUCH medium point pens, cordless portable ultra violate lamp, (with safety button not accidentally illuminate whilst in your pocket) complete with instructions. INC VAT F18.95 Post and packaging to UK/Europe F2.95
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